Michael Winston & Company
World-Class Consulting Solutions
The Difference

Most consulting firms try to be all things to all people – grow, stretch, expand and find a way to get the business first and then try to provide services afterwards.  Some are resourceful and able to successfully satisfy the client’s need.  Others provide overpriced, mediocre solutions leaving the client needing more or making very little change.
Michael Winston & Company is different.  Most of our business comes to us based on our long-standing record of success in Fortune 100 businesses in the US and throughout the world.  Our collaborative staff is not just a loosely associated group of consultants working on different assignments.  Instead, we are a team of talented subject-matter experts with over 100 years of experience in linking organization, leadership and human capital management to the strategy of the business. Also, we have between 10 to 30 years as colleagues, business partners and friends. 

We limit our client base to provide each client with personalized attention. We only partner with organizations that have a significant vested interest in creating, building and sustaining a high-performance organization. This practice enhances our impact and effectiveness.  We provide:

  • Advisory consulting
  • Program/Process design, and
  • Execution 

 For businesses seeking greater success, impact and integration in these areas:

  • Clarifying Strategy and Aligning Workforce
  • Attracting, Retaining and Optimizing Top Talent
  • Performance Leadership
  • Integrating Talent & Succession Management
  • Leading Change
  • Organization Effectiveness and Efficiency







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